Outdoor advertising — comprises various advertising means in the form of signs, outdoor posters, boards, light installations located on the buildings, on the sidelines. It contains and uses a concise and catchy slogan and image. Outdoor advertising is designed for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

       Advantages of outdoor advertising:

  • Effective impact on traffic and pedestrian flow
  • Guaranteed surface illumination at night - 95%
  • Location on the arterial city roads
  • Possibility of a national campaign covering more than 60 million people

Main board 3x6 m (billboard)

        Main board is a detached double-sided construction placed along the roads. This format is the most common and popular in Russia. The lighting at night is provided by several remote spotlights.

Main board Supersite/Superboard

        Supersite/Superboard is a detached double-sided big format construction (5х15 м, 5х12 м, 4х12 м) with remote lighting.

Prizmatron (prizmavision)

        Prizmatron (prizmavision) is a kind of dynamic outdoor construction which consists of typesetting triangular segments. Its electromechanical drive allows alternately (for a given program) to display various segment edges exposing the posted images.


        Scroller is an outdoor construction with internal lighting and a roller mechanism for scrolling images. The roller mechanism allows to display several posters with a reassigned interval.


        Represents a vinyl canvas or building grid which is usually located on the blank wall of a building or on the exterior side of a building under reconstruction.

Roof construction

        Roof construction represents a dimensional or flat structure with illumination as a rule located on the roof.


        Citybord is an outdoor construction (1,2x1,8 м) which represents bright light boxes located on the lighting poles, electric posts, walls, in the waiting halls, at the bus stops etc. or detached constructions with interior lighting.

Panel bracket

        Panel-bracket is an outdoor format(1,2x1,8 м) which represents bright light boxes located on the lighting poles, electric post and walls.


        Pylon is a detached outdoor construction, vertical, as a rule, with interior lighting, one or two-sided.

Light box

        Light box is an outdoor small format construction with interior lighting located on the front of the buildings, waiting halls, metro stations. Depending on the conditions light boxes can be one or two-sided.