Media-planning and placement

  • Expert assessment of the media tools for compliance to the target audience
  • Recommendations on the most effective and economically viable media
  • Media strategies development and implementation
  • Best buying terms
  • Media buying
  • Project implementation control
  • Post campaign efficiency assessment
Our planning specialists know HOW to get the message across efficiently to the target audience, WHERE and WHEN to place advertisements
  • Media planning
  • Placement on Russian domestic channels
  • Placement on regional TV stations
  • Placement on satellite and cable channels
  • Placement on foreign channels
  • Development and implementation of sponsor projects on TV
  • Media planning
  • Placement on national and network radio stations
  • Placement on regional radio stations
  • Development and implementation of sponsor projects on radio stations
  • Monitoring
  • Media planning
  • Placement in all Moscow and regional print media
  • Special project concept development
  • Monitoring
  • Media planning
  • Outdoor programs development
  • Placement on super sites, billboards (3x6) and city formats (1,2x1,8)
  • Placement on brandmauers and roof installations
  • Placement in the metropolitan
  • Placement on public transport
  • Sign-boards and direction indicators
  • Monitoring