POS materials (POS materials, POS — point of sales — the place of sale) — are materials that contribute to the promotion of the brand, service or product on sale.

        Buyers, studying the information carried by POS-materials about the benefits of products and services, motivated more on shopping. Thus, due to the information content and the ability to attract attention to a product designed, high quality and beautifully made POS-materials, serve to attract additional attention and effective promotion of goods and services. Properly planned advertising campaign using POS, you can even with a modest budget to successfully promote their services and products in the field of sales. Our factory capacity, experience gained over the years and the great specialists, allow us to produce products of any complexity and in any material on request. Promotional stands, plastic trays, shelf talkers, wobblers, price tags, stoppers, dispensers, stickers, posters - it is not a complete list of POS - production, we can manufacture for you.

                                Examples of some of the works: