Business printing

Business printing is an indispensable aid in today's world of successful business.

        It's no secret that high quality printing is an essential part of business etiquette and an integral part of a Company's image.
Business printing is an effective way to leave a memorable mark in Clients' and business partners' memory.
Business printing includes all types of paper carriers needed for office work: business cards, forms, envelopes, folders etc. It also comprises branded printing which is necessary to represent the company and to get acquainted with its activities. Will you agree that the company will look much more solid if any business message will be printed on a Company's branded form, sent in a branded envelope or handed in a branded folder..

                                Well, the main types of business printing are as follows:

Business card

        Business card represents a sheet of plastic, cardboard or heavyweight paper (50x90 mm) containing information about the Company or the person. Well, it is the smallest but the most active representative of business printing. It personifies to some extent a Company and its representative.

Company form

        Company form represents a sheet of paper (A4) containing some elements of the brand and, as a rule, contact information as well as the fields to be filled in. It is an essential attribute for business correspondence of any company. When all external document flow is done on company forms it is an important indicator of its corporate culture and respectability.


        Envelope is an important element of corporate identity. The most popular format is euro standard i.e. an envelope with a transparent insert on the right or the left side for an address (110x220 mm).

Corporate folder

        Corporate branded folder is designed for conferences, exhibitions, business meetings etc.

Corporate notebook

        A writing pad with corporate identity elements and contact information is handy not only for work but also turns into an effective advertising media.