Advertising printing

The main destination of advertising printing is to deliver quickly, concisely and effectively the information to the customer regarding goods and services at relatively low costs. Memorability of information depends on design, paper and print quality.

Leaflets, flyers

        Nowadays leaflets and flyers are the most popular printing formats combined with an affordable cost and high degree of information. One of the methods of extending the life of these materials is placing added value information which may be handy (crossword puzzles, transport maps, calendars, addresses of shops etc).


        A booklet represents a printed sheet of paper folded two, three or more times. Sometimes after being folded several times it may look like a small booklet. The main distinctive feature of this type of product is the lack of fasteners. One can always fold and unfold them without damaging.

Catalogs and brochures

        Represent a type of advertising printing. Both the format and number of pages depend only on the volume of content. Uniqueness of brochures and catalogs is underlined by use of glossy and matte lamination, partial use of the UV coating, cutting and special sorts of paper. Type of mounting of printed sheets is selected in each separate case, depending on design, number of pages and paper weight.

Posters and billboards

        Are printed on paper or vinyl (vinyl is a polymeric material designed for production of posters, signs and tents. It is used, as a rule, for a long term placement of a single lay-out. Posters and billboards are the largest representatives of the advertising printing products, which are used while decorating stands, points of sale, promoting various activities, services, products. They are also used for outdoor (supersites, banners, brandmouers, arterial billboards).

Stickers, labels, tags

        This printing format is widely used in all advertising media. In outdoor labels are used for points of sale, signboards, exhibition stands, on public transport.
Stickers and tags are made out of various materials, but paper and tape are the most common.


        Calendar- poster, wall, desk, pocket calendar, calendar marker. A stylish calendar can be a decoration of an office or a desktop.


        Low, middle and high pressure polyethylene packages, paper bags.
Convenient packaging used daily. A practical advertising tool underlining a Company's identity.